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How to Grow your Business Using the Internet

One decade ago, online marketing was optional for small businesses, but nowadays it’s a must to survive!

Online marketing is the key to helping your small business grow, but many business owners are simply unaware of where to start. From building a website to developing your online brand, there are powerful ways in which digital marketing strategies can help you connect with new customers, generate leads and sell your products or services more efficiently.

As digital marketing is becoming more and more necessary for a company, not understanding the best way to drive your business forward can really hurt your chances of success. One decade ago, online marketing was optional for small businesses, but nowadays it’s a must to survive. Below you’ll find some of the most important online marketing tools that will help you grow your business.

Website Design

Everything starts with a professional website. A website will give you the credibility that your business needs and it will inspire confidence on your clients. With a professional website, you can provide customer support to you clients, showcase your work, explain your services, and generate leads through a contact form.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools that a business can have. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. Social media is growing at a very fast speed and it won’t stop growing any time soon. if your business doesn’t have an active social media presence, you are missing a great opportunity to increase your sales and revenue.

E-mail Marketing

Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. E-mail marketing helps you stay in contact with your audience, reach customers in real-time, is an easy way to reach mobile customers and keep them informed, email coupons drive online and in-store sales, and is inexpensive.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting more traffic to your website through organic (non-paid) search engine results. Nowadays, digital is the small business’s main marketing channel with the majority of investment going on SEO. SEO is very important for small businesses and entrepreneurs because is the fastest and cheapest way to let your audience know that your business exists near them and increase sales and revenue.


PPC or Pay per click is a great way to reach your potential customers fast and promote your services or products. Together with SEO, they are the main ways to target people using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The general idea about PPC is that it allows you to reach a targeted audience fast by specifying who will see your ads and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a variety of advertising formats, and the Facebook Ads Manager will help you choose a format based on your business’ marketing objectives. Whether you want to raise awareness, prompt consideration of your business, or increase conversions, Facebook offers Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Right Column, and Instagram ad placements.


Register your business with local business directories like Yelp, Google maps, Houzz, etc. Most of them are free and it will help them improve your SEO. Make sure you add your logo and pictures of your products and services.

These are only a few internet marketing tools that you can use to grow your business. Remember that a strong online marketing strategy will help you to boost your business and start seeing more customers, connections, and clients.

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